The High Achievers Club

is an exclusive 8 Week Mastermind Program

reserved only for the ”high achievers” who truly want

to make the necessary changes in their life and

to achieve ultimate life & career happiness and success!

Can you describe your “perfect life” if time or money weren’t an issue? What is most important to you in life?  Are you on track to live your “perfect life”?


Members of the High Achievers Club work together in this amazing Mastermind Group of goal-oriented and success-driven professionals to make sure they are staying accountable to living their best life. 

Sometimes life and work’s challenges can get in the way and “de-rail” us from staying on track to achieve our goals. 

It takes focus, determination, knowledge, and accountability to make sure we are taking the proper actions to reach our goals, and the High Achievers Club utilizes resources from some of the world’s best personal development leaders to help guide us on our journey. 

The High Achievers Club is led by Certified Life & Career Coach, Kasey D’Amato PA-C, and takes place at various periods throughout the year.

As a club member:


  • you will receive a free copy of one of Kasey’s favorite and proven, best-selling personal development books, and together as a Mastermind Group, you will work through the teachings of the book and how it relates to your life. Think book club meets group coaching.
  • you will meet regularly with all Club members, and meetings are led by Kasey who works through the best strategies to apply proven life coaching practices in open dialogue group video meetings.  
  • you will network with and gain the support of like-minded, high-achieving individuals and share tips, habits, and strategies to make sure you are staying on track to achieve your goals and the club will serve as your own personal accountability group to ensure a successful life and career.
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