Salary & Contract Negotiations

Do you wonder about your salary and if you could negotiate a better deal?

Are you uncomfortable with the negotiation process and not sure the best approach or strategy to maximize your success?

Do you understand the complexities between understanding collection numbers, cost of benefit package and calculating your true cost to the practice and balancing that information with the strategy around your short- and long-term career goals?

Did you know that using this unique strategic approach will typically yield more satisfaction and career fulfillment than comparing to peer salary structures?

There are so many things to consider when entering a professional negotiation situation and the team at Certified PA Consulting can help guide you every step of the way. Select a product or service below to get started!

The team at CPAC is comprised of medical and business professionals with more than 35 years of combined experience helping medical professionals create unique short- and long-term strategies to maximize their success. The ultimate goal is to create win-win salary structures to optimize career satisfaction. Every medical provider is unique and has different needs.

Kasey and Katherine will listen to your story and circumstance and help you create a road map for your specific needs and goals.

Combined Kasey, Danielle and Katherine have a vast experience including being working PAs, Practice Managers, Business Owners, Legal Consultants, and Certified Career Coaches. Their combined 35 years of experience consulting and coaching medical professionals through the negotiation process with customized strategies for each and every client has made them the leading experts in the U.S. for all questions and concerns related to medical professional salary and job structures.

Kasey and Katherine have published numerous articles on the topic of medical professional salary structures and negotiation strategies and offer free guides and webinars, private consultation sessions, group sessions, and on-demand courses!  Work with the Certified PA Consulting team and gain clarity on your situation and your next steps to success!

Select a Free Guide, Service, or Product below and get started on your road to career success. 


Free Guides, Checklists and Helpful Tools

10-Step Negotiation Skills Checklist

Are you ready for your next negotiation? Test your skills now with our FREE negotiation skills checklist. Take this simple 10-question quiz to determine your readiness to negotiate. How many "yes" answers will you get?


6 Tips for Successful Negotiations

Need some quick tips for a successful negotiation? Download this Free Guide for Kasey's favorite 6 Tips for Successful Negotiation Conversations with your SP or practice manager. 


5 Tips for New PA Grads

Are you a Physician Assistant student, new graduate, or first-year PA? Download this Free Guide for Kasey's 5 Tips for New PA Grads.


Free Step-by-Step Guide to Advance Your PA Career

Learn how to become irreplaceable, make more money, access better jobs and advance your PA Career with this Free Guide!



Master the Boss Mindset Negotiation Masterclass Program


Are you a PA thinking about negotiating your salary or contract terms? Are you getting ready for year-end contract reviews? This top rated Masterclass program for PAs will teach you how to negotiate your salary and contract terms with confidence and clarity! Learn how to achieve the salary you deserve and get the most from your PA career. 

This Masterclass meets the requirements for Cat 2 CME. Click the button below to learn more and register today!


1:1 Services for PAs, NPs, and Medical Providers

Salary Negotiation Consulting

(Single Live Session)

Are you someone who is intimidated by the negotiation process? 

Are you uncomfortable discussing “numbers”? 

Are you wondering if your salary is fair, and if you can negotiate for more? 

During this one hour meeting, we will analyze your salary structure and if you have room to negotiate. We will guide you through a process of determining your goals, what you ultimately want from your career, evaluating if your current role is aligned with your goals, and help you create a strategy to negotiate a win-win deal with clarity and confidence.


Salary Negotiation Consulting Including Contract Review

(Single Live Session)

Do you need help evaluating the terms in your contract and what you need to look out for?

Do you want to negotiate for better contract terms?

During this 75 min phone meeting, we will discuss our review of your contract and any key points that will need to be addressed. You will be guided through a process of determining your goals, what you ultimately want from your career, evaluating if your current role is aligned with your goals and help you create a strategy to negotiate a win-win outcome to help propel you and your employment partner.


We offer group services! 

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Are you a practice owner or manager and need help with setting up salary structures?

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